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Because of our extraordinary Prostatitis and PID cure rate, patients come to us from all over the world. We successfully treat patients who have been long-term sufferers, many of who had long since lost hope of a cure, after having exhausted the few options available to them in their own country.

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A Chronic Prostatitis Cure - Genitourinary System Picture
Male Genitourinary System

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Cure - Female Genitourinary System Picture
Female Genitourinary System

Background to a Prostatitis Cure..

Chronic Prostatitis can be due to numerous causes, and most of those causes are very difficult to define and treat. A sufferer will often know several things in general; almost continuous pain, many wasted trips to medical professionals, and a condition that often responds to antibiotics only to relapse a few weeks after the medication is finished.

No effective treatment techniques for a Prostatitis Cure:

Fact: There are no effective treatment techniques in Western countries once drugs (antibiotics) have failed. The Patient's Doctor will after a time of tests and initial courses of antibiotic and anti-inflammatory treatment, usually resort to repeated courses of antibiotics for the foreseeable future, even though well-designed clinical trials have failed to demonstrate their efficacy1. There is VIRTUALLY nothing else Western medicine can do without resorting to radical procedures such as TURPS, which would be the equivalent of breaking a lock with a cannon ball, yet years of constant pain make many prostatitis sufferers take desperate steps to find a cure. Prostate Massage was once hailed as a breakthrough, however it is now largely discredited and survives, like Chinese Traditional Medicine (herbal preparations), as a symptom reliever.The commonsense initiatives usually arrived at by some sufferers themselves, of avoiding spicy food, caffeine and alcohol get nary a mention by the average doctor/urologist. Chronic Prostatitis sufferers often complain of a dismissive, "you'll just have to live with it" from their doctor.

Men do NOT rock the boat in seeking a Prostatitis Cure:

Prostatitis patients' treatment options are severely limited, and there is little respite in the form of new treatments and procedures on the horizon in modern first-world countries and often a poor attitude from the Western medical establishment because men with prostatitis have been largely inconspicuous as an action group. Pressure from other diseases such as Breast Cancer have taken a large share of funding and research activity resulting in few advances of any kind in the treatment and cure of prostatitis. Men, unlike women, often suffer in silence, taking too long to consult a Doctor in the initial phases, something which may contribute to pathogens getting well-established and beyond the reach of the ensuing oral antibiotics, as well as contributing to the development of other survival mechanisms like biofilms.2

An effective Chronic Prostatitis Cure method is..

.. Staring Men in the face. There is a treatment/prostatitis cure option that is extremely effective, but it is not recognised by the Western Medical establishment, which has a long record of expensive Insurance Industry related treatment of effects and symptoms, instead of addressing the actual cause. This revolutionary method has a few prostatitis treatment centers operating in North America and Europe which are mostly extremely expensive and inadequate in the application of the technique. You can learn all about this method of curing Prostatitis and how we use it at our Specialist Clinic to obtain such stunning results.. here >>

For a Prostatitis Cure, men must..

.. fully understand their condition. Many men seeking Prostatitis treatment would be hard-pressed to identify and understand the basic physiology of the male genitourinary system, yet it is extremely important to know this in order to help manage their own medical care. This video explains the Male Genitourinary basics and could be watched in tandem with reference to the diagram entitled "Male Genitourinary System" further up the page.

Basics of the Male Genitourinary System


The next video is a generalized look at Prostatitis and the current Western medical establishment's understanding and approach. It, in essence, as usual reveals little more in the way of treatment than the ever-occurring supply of antibiotics. Keep in mind again that Western Medicine's insistence that the vast majority of prostatitis cases are non-bacterial in cause is a flawed conclusion, as especially in the chronic form, evidence of pathogen(s) is very difficult to obtain, if indeed there is even any testing persistence by the Doctors involved. Just because a pathogenic agent cannot be isolated does not mean that pathogens are not present and are not the cause. Inadequate testing is a continuing diagnostic problem for prostatitis patients. The value of the following video is mostly in helping with physiological familiarity.

Basics of a Western Medical viewpoint of Prostatitis and its Treatment


The next video is again an overview of the whole Prostatitis treatment perspective by Western medicine, however a little more objective, note the reference early in, that one testing method (PCR - Polymerase Chain Reaction) is challenging the Western Medical assertion that most cases of Prostatitis are not infection-based in nature. The value of this video is for a Prostatitis patient to compare their particular diagnostic and treatment history. Apart from that, it, like Western medicine in general, can give no avenue of hope for any long-term prostatitis sufferer.

A quick View of the Detection and Treatment of Prostatitis


Next, it is of utmost importance that sufferers seeking Prostatitis treatment realise the long-term effect that a chronic illness like Prostatitis will have on their overall health3. Continuing to hear and experience dismissive, misleading and inadequate care from your Doctor over a long period will not just harm your prostate-related health, it will very likely lead to depression, sap your bank balance and destroy your relationships. Yes, 10, 20+ years down the track with no permanent cure will almost certainly reduce your life to one that is a shadow of what it could have been. Watch the following video which gives an insight into the process that alters and debilitates the whole body.

The Effects of Chronic Prostatitis on Your Later Quality of Life

Prostatitis does NOT have to be endured any longer:

We can cure you, but you have to take action.

Background to A Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Cure

The difficulty of Early Detection of PID:

Often PID-causing infections are asymptomatic with the prime candidate being Chlamydia4 (Chlamydia Trachomatis).

A Very Important Point in Fertility and a PID cure:

In the quest of Fertility, it is important to note that treatments enhancing fertility where the infection problem is not addressed, can lead to problems in producing a healthy fetus, if conception manages to occur.

Understanding How PID occurs:

Pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) is an inflammatory and infectious disease of the higher female genital tract, including the uterus, fallopian tubes, and sometimes adjacent pelvic tissues. The higher-risk patient tends to be a menstruating woman under 25 years old who does not use contraception, has more than one sex partners in an area with a higher risk of sexually transmitted disease (STD).

That infection moves up from the vagina and cervix to the higher genital tract. As well as a prevalence of Chlamydia trachomatis, other likely infectious agents are Haemophilus influenzae, Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Gardnerella vaginalis, and anaerobes such as the Bacteroides and Peptococcus species. There is also a likelihood that more than one pathogen may be involved in the disease (polymicrobial)

To aggressively seek a PID Cure..

.. women must understand all aspects of their condition. This video explains the physiological aspects of the female genitourinary system, watched in reference to the diagram entitled "Female Genitourinary System" further up this page.

Causes of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease in seeking a PID Cure


Sexual contact is not always necessary for PID to develop 5, as the following video will show. However, the effects are the same, and in the case of non-symptomatic PID, pathogens may unknowingly get passed to a partner, who despite repeated treatment attempts may continued to be reinfected with regular sexual contact, thus adding another perplexing dimension to the reasons for their infertility.

A Further Reason why Pelvic Inflammatory Disease occurs


An extremely effective method for Women with PID:

There is a treatment/PID cure option that is extremely effective, but not recognised by the Western Medical establishment. This  revolutionary method has a few treatment centers operated in North America and Europe which are mostly extremely expensive and inadequate in the application of the technique. You can learn all about this method of curing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease and how we use it at our Specialist Clinic to obtain such stunning results.. here >>

Click the blue link below to read about our techniques and successes in producing a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease cure

Background to an Infertility Cure..

Infertility can be due to a number of factors..

..however infection as a cause is high on the list, much higher if the unexplained causes rate is also taken into account. Together they may account for as high as 60% of all infertility.7  For many couples, once all obvious investigations are completed, a significant proportion still fail to achieve fertility because of urogenital infection-related issues, past and/or present. Advances have been made in the case of access and treatment of pelvic inflammatory disease, however infertility-related male infection conditions are extremely difficult to resolve. Further, in some countries because of inadequate insurance plans, or cash-strapped Nation Health Services, a couple may not have access to rigorous investigation/treatment procedures.

Infection-related infertility is difficult to diagnose and treat.

We are experts at diagnosing pathogenic conditions in both the female and male, and our proprietary treatment program has cured many cases of infertility, including many which involved resistant long-term infections, where all previous infertility cure treatment in the couple's home country had failed.

We are an Expert Facility for Treatment of Infection-based Conditions..

Whether the problem is seeking a Prostatitis Cure, or one for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease or Fertility, the path to resolution of the infection(s) is immeasurably complicated where a partner is involved. A successful outcome in the form of a cure for one partner may soon be reversed by re-infection from the untreated partner.

There are several key factors for a sufferer to note:

  • The longer that oral antibiotics have been taken generally means more resistant infections 6.
  • A well-established infection in the case of a Prostatitis patient is near impossible to cure with oral antibiotics
  • A female partner may have infection(s) without symptoms, yet still causing infertility and cross-infection.
  • Both partners must be tested and where necessary treated at the same time

Our unique proven treatment techniques overcomes..

.. chronic pain, distress and infertility caused by infection, no matter whether the infection(s) is well established and/or hidden behind blocked infected ducts and passageways. We have the ultimate treatment for a Prostatitis Cure or a Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Cure. You are welcome to tour our site, read about our Prostatitis treatment techniques, many other aspects of our treatment, the results for our patients, as well as send us your details for a Free Medical Assessment, and ask questions or request more information by contacting us.

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