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There are numerous bars near the Clinic for those seeking a bit of nightlife. For actual patients, it's not recommended to be drinking any alcohol but that doesn't mean you have to sit at home..

For a big bar, locate yourself at the Clnic's building and walk away from Wu Yi Road, heading along the small street until you hit Jie Fang Lu where you'll find a couple of large bars, keep going across the road and down the closest street and you'll find more..

For small bars for a quiet drink, walk down Wu Yi Road towards the river from outside the Clinic for a few minutes until you hit the small street on the left which is full of old-style restored/rebuilt houses/shops. Down that street and its even smaller side streets there are a good dozen or more nice little bars.

If you want a quiet night at home, any small shop will also sell beer, Budweiser is a popular brand brewed in China if you want a change from the ubiquitous Qing Dao (Tsing Tao). Budweiser is pronounced as "Baa Way" (pijou = beer, pronounced as "pee-joe").

How do you like the sound of this place..

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