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yue-lu-shan-looking-back-to-clinicOne of the first park stops in Changsha is Yue lu Shan.. Standing in front of the Clinic's building, or from the window of a river-facing apaprtment in the Clinic's main building, AND, looking across the River following the line of the bridge, you'll be looking straight at a bush covered mountain, follow the hill line to the left and you'll see the communication towers.

Going to Yue Lu Shan is a good outing for an afternoon. You can walk there from the Clinic.. Head across the bridge and when you get to the "T" intersection where you can go no further, veer left, cross to the right-hand side and just a few minutes walk will take you to the entrance ticket office. The ticket price has been a bit steep in the past, such that if you're in good shape it would be worth making a day of it. It's a pleasant walk up the mountain to a lookout with a great view, and there's also a number of other very interesting places to see around Yue Lu Shan mountain. On descending, there's plenty of beverage places extra to the Fast Food outlets as this is University student country!

martyrs-park-walking-distance-prostatitis-clinicThe next park is Martyr's Park at (Lieshi Gongyuan) No.1 Dongfeng Road, Kaifu District.. There's plenty of space here to relax in, stretch out, read a book, have a sleep.. It's under 4kms by road, so it's within walking distance from the Prostatitis Clinic Building..  Or if you're near a bus stop get the #112 or #803, be sure to check it's going in the right direction! (towards the Park, not away!)





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prostatitis-clinic-changsha-river-parkIf you go to the front of the Clinic's building in Wu Yi Road and walk down to the river bank there's a park-like grassed area with seating and there's usually groups of people performing, especially in the evening. The groups are usually very amateurish, some even raucously so, but the better ones are at the least, amusing and at best give an idea of older music and singing from a bygone age. Not to be recommended if it's extremely crowded.

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