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NB: Money - RMB is referred to commonly as "Yuan".. or "Kuai", get used to this and avoid saying "RMB" except at the bank..
READ about Chilli overload & its dangers in the introduction to this category

The most important thing you can do is to look to your future and put your Prostatitis condition in the hands of the 3D Prostatitis team, recognizing the power of direct injections of Antibiotics and similar applicable drugs.

Next it is hugely important to eat well and do as much exercise as the Doctors recommend.

Not everyone, in fact very few of our patients, will want to eat at expensive restaurants. Many choose a medium-priced restaurant at least several times a week, and for those on a strict budget we can tell you it is possible to eat out every night receiving healthy, good quality food for very reasonable prices.

Here's a run-down of places to go:

  • Street food - this refers to food sold on the side of the street and the entity is neither licenced or approved by the health department. Over the last 3 years, 95% of these operators near the Clinic have been banished by local Government and the few that persist are constantly on the run from the health inspectors. We DO NOT recommend that you ever eat street food. Some Chinese may, but they generally have far more robust systems than people from Western countries. Please avoid street food, period!
  • Snack food - there are numerous very small (legal) shops on streets surrounding the Clinic that sell food that can be eaten for breakfast, a light lunch or snacks during the day. Check out the cleanliness look of the shop and once you find a good one, stick with it.
    - The most common breakfast (and during the day) are Chinese bread buns, they are round, fresh each morning and can contain a variety of fillings. Our favourite is "Zhu Rou Mian Bao", it contains a pork filling and sells for around 1.5 yuan each (Big one!). 5 or so small ones are around 3 - 4 yuan We always have a container of warm Bean Milk also, called "Dou Jiang" usually around 4 yuan each depending on the size.
    - Another common accompaniment to breakfast is a hard-boiled egg, usually for around 1yuan each.
    - Another common breakfast is chicken, pork or fish rice soup. This is very yummy from a good shop, normal serving is around 5 yuan+ in a takeaway container.
    - There is a fancy bread shop right opposite to the main car entrance of the Clinic's building (Xin Gan Xiang) which has some of the most unique bread servings we've ever tasted, at around 6 yuan each, these were considered a treat. The front of the shop might say "Roti Princess"
    - There are many small restaurants that keep many kinds of food dishes the size of a dessert plate out front in a giant steamer, the cost of these varies +or- 6 yuan depending on the contents of each dish. Again pick your establishment and also the time of day. (There is an example photo below, we only suggest those IN a steaming container, not open as you see.
    - There are also small keyhole restaurants which serve dumplings and noodles in takeaway containers for around 5 to 6 yuan each, and are usually open early morning to late night. We'd put a photo of the best shop here except Google hasn't street-mapped Changsha!

For someone on a budget or a reduced diet, the above can serve for all meals as long as the steamed choice restaurants mentioned above are used to get your vegetables.

If you have an accommodation unit which includes a kitchen (we recommend it), consult the supermarkets article in this subcategory for where to buy good raw produce to make up your main meal of the day. We have eaten well for 25 yuan each per day by carefully following the above advice. Maybe one or two days a week we up that to 35 yuan each per day. Averaging US$5 each for all our daily food is certainly "budget" but filling and hearty at the same time.

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