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NB: Money - RMB is referred to commonly as "Yuan".. or "Kuai", get used to this and avoid saying "RMB" except at the bank..
READ about Chilli overload & its dangers in the introduction to this category

There are numerous Restaurants within 5 minutes walk of the Clinic (same side of the road) that fit into a "Moderate Price" bracket.

First of all, the Chinese tend to eat rather early, and in force, so if you want reasonably quick service and a seat, take notice of when your favorite places fill up, and set your clock to avoid the rush.

Like any Restaurant in the world, the acid test when in the door is to ask for the menu, and many of these Restaurants do have a menu in English. Ask for "Yingwen Cai Dan"  and if all else fails, look at the Photos usually with prices of food dishes on the wall or front window. If your pronunciation fails you (as "cai" can be difficult to say), download the Restaurant translation card here which will fix to convey most things you need.

Beer is usually a very reasonable price.. and once you've gotten used to a particular restaurant or two, you can try them out with a delivery call (most restaurants deliver for free to your room, as long as it is not peak times). If they have no-one with usuable English, you can try getting one of their paper menus, write 1,2,3 etc in big numbers on your favourite dishes, take an exact copy yourself and call and try them out to see how adaptable they are! (this has worked many times for us).


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A vegetable dish would cost somewhere in the order of 12 yuan to 18 yuan, and a meat dish 18 yuan to 25 yuan. A couple would usually need around 3 dishes including some rice. A higher price than this would put the Restaurant above the "Moderate" level. That said, there are, of course, Restaurants which are expensive for their class level and once that is determined, it's crossed off the list.

The likes of Fast Food is really in the Moderate class. A few minutes up the road there's a Chinese fast food (McD-style) restaurant, then it's not far to KFC and McDonalds. KFC is mostly taken over now by the Chilli brigade, there's very little in the place that isn't "Chillified".

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