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How do I get to Your Clinic's City?

We are situated in Hunan Province which is in the center of China, right above the Southern Province of Guangdong which borders Hong Kong. Our city Changsha (Chung-shaa) is the capital city of Hunan Province and has a modern airport called "Changsha Huanghua International Airport"

Many airlines fly to cities like Hong Kong, Guangdong, Beijing or Shanghai. From those cities there are multi-daily flights to our airport. Once at the airport, you can get a taxi at a reasonable price to take you to the center of the city and your hotel which we will help you to book and make sure that it is near the Clinic.

Which are the best airlines to travel with?

You would normally get your travel agent to prepare an itinerary for you, you could ask for several options (China Southern Air should be one of them) so you have a choice of flying departure times and cost.

What other things do I need to prepare in advance?

You will need a bit of lead time to apply for a China Visa of 3 months (Do not get a Visa of less than 2 months). Make sure your passport is valid for more than 6 months or apply for a new one straight away.

Other preparations can be read about in the other FAQ articles in this category.

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