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Who Is A Typical Patient?

Our Patients come from all over the world. They typically have been diagnosed with Chronic Prostatitis or Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) and may also be looking for an Infertility Cure, all the result of pathogens. Their condition has been unresponsive to medication, they have visited many specialists and have been prescribed many different drugs... with little or no long-term success.

If this describes you, then 3D Therapy Treatment is the treatment that you have been looking for.

Is the 3D treatment safe and are there any side effects?

3D Therapy treatment's prime advantage is direct perineal injection. These injections and our formulas are very safe and effective, and there are no side effects. We have an exceptional cure rate. Once all the causative pathogens are killed, and blockage and calcification cleared, the patient's condition will improve tremendously and continue to improve for months to come.
Once full treatment is completed, the patient will not relapse.

How Long is The 3D Therapy Treatment Period?

Usually there are two levels of patients with genitourinary infections:

Level 1 - Straightforward pathogen infections. The pathogens are detected and killed and the patient is cured. Level 1 cases typically require around 30 days of treatment.

Level 2 patients have multiple pathogenic infections, blocked tubes and passageways, and degrees of calcification. These cases require around 40 days of treatment. The blockages and calcification are progressively cleared out by a special phase of our proprietary treatment which releases access to pathogens by the pathogen-killing phase of treatment. No other treatment by any medical facility in the world uses such a protocol.

What Is the Cost of The 3D Therapy Treatment Program?

The Urology Treatment cost is dependent on the severity of your medical condition. Request a Free Medical assessment of your prostatitis or pelvic inflammatory disease condition. This will also enable us to give you a cost estimate.

What are the advantages of 3D Therapy direct injections?

  • Our 3D prostate injection method allows the treatment drugs to penetrate deep into infected areas. Patients usually experience some minor pain during the injection. These injections will not damage the prostate and/or other surrounding tissues, nerves, and blood vessels because of our specialized injection technique.
  • We do NOT use transrectal prostate injections like other Clinics do. Transrectal injections are dangerous as they can cause rectal fissures, prostate scaring, and introduce new pathogens into the prostate.
  • The 3D Urology treatment injection method can penetrate the prostate, urethra, spermatic ducts, seminal vessels and the epididymis. Also, different injections sites can be treated at the same time.
  • The drugs we use will kill pathogens and remove prostate blockage and calcification.
  • After killing the pathogens, unblocking the tubes, and discharging the inflammatory materials, the local blood circulation recovers and the quality of semen and sexual function improves significantly.
  • Most importantly of all, our Doctors have carried out our injection procedures tens of thousands of times, giving them a high level of proficiency enabling them to avoid injury of any kind. It is very unlikely that other doctors have our experience.

Should I be Worried about the Injections?

In a word, NO!

What is the Daily Treatment Schedule I Can Look Forward To?

The 3D treatment program calls for a patient medical consultation each and every day. This could take up to an hour and may include a verbal and physical examination, leading on to a discussion about treatment progress and administration of the injections.

Will my Medical Insurance cover the cost of the 3D Therapy treatment program??

Your treatment might be covered. Check with your medical insurance company utilizing documentation we can give you to support your claim. Your claim must be filed by you with your insurance company.

Will this Treatment be Tax Deductible?

This depends on your country's tax program, please consult with your Accountant.

What Medical/Treatment-related preparations must I make?



The most important thing you must do is to STOP taking any antibiotics and/or drugs for at least 21 days before traveling. The longer you are off these drugs the better. Antibiotic and/or drugs will mask the pathogens causing your condition and make them very difficult or impossible to detect. HOWEVER, make sure you tell us if you are taking any medication so we can advise you in concert with your condition.

Can I obtain 3D Therapy Treatment in my own Country?

No. If you want to undergo our Prostatitis/PID Treatment you must come to China.

Our treatment protocol is proprietary meaning that no-one else is able to use it, nor have we, or are we likely, to licence it to any other treatment facility party.

Our Urology Treatment Clinic is located in the City of Changsha, Hunan Province, China. 

I cannot speak Chinese how will we communicate?

If you cannot speak Chinese you can come with your own translator, or we can supply you with a translator well-experienced in medical terminology, for a reasonable extra charge.

The Translation Service Includes:

- Translation at each treatment session. 
- Assistance in daily life outside the clinic, as follows:

Visitors Can Go HERE For a Free Medical Assessment..
Read Exactly Why We Can CURE YOU When No-one Else Can..
Listen to the WORDS of a Patient..
  • Taxis: Are available at a very reasonable price, both from the Airport and for trips around the city as needed
  • Accommodation: We can arrange a reservation in a hotel or apartment, and assist you with checking in
  • Taking the patient to the local police department for Visitor registration
  • Help the patient to become familiar with their immediate area
  • Get a Shopping experience established for food etc.
  • Registration with a gymnasium
  • Finding local Restaurants to suit your food preferences
  • Banking - Foreign exchange, cash T/C, etc.
  • Any necessary Visa extension.
  • Medical tests outside the clinic (Ultra sound and/or TCM therapy)
  • Travel Reservations, translation, registration and payment
  • Preparation of treatment records.


  • A Translator cannot offer medical diagnoses or analysis opinions
  • Translation services outside the treatment environment depends on translator availability and are charged separately from the treatment translation

What about my partner in regard to Urology Treatment?

It is highly recommended that your partner comes to our Clinic with you. The partner of a patient can provide important diagnostic clues. Sometimes, it is easier diagnose pathogens in a woman than in a man. If the main patient is treated and the partner is not, then the main patient will very likely suffer a relapse. In the event that it is not possible for the partner to accompany the patient, we may be able to provide some medication for our patient to take back with them for their partner.

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