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Is your prostatitis caused by bacteria?

If you started with acute prostatitis with fever, it was most likely bacterial and quickly under control with antibiotics. Exactly what the cause of your Prostatitis is, has caused great discussion ranging from reasonable claims to patently crazy claims by the medical establishment.
Such that we can now read articles saying 90+% of Prostatitis has no infection component (such a claim has been made by a major US medical institution!)
Any patient who has had Prostatitis for more than a short time would immediately question such a claim..

Any patient who has suffered from Prostatitis for more than a short time knows that testing for Pathogens by their medical professionals is very much a hit-and-miss affair. And such illogical statements would endender derision if the patient weren't so disadvantaged by such stupidity.
A negative test for bacteria just means the test did not find any. They may be there, hiding from the testing method OR the wrong test may have been used OR the testing method may not have been sensitive enough, OR the test may have been incorrectly read. Additionally, until the arrival of multiple-drug-resistant bacteria, antibiotics have been so effective that many doctors come to the simplistic presumption that after a long course there cannot be any bacteria left.
In the last 30 years, with the wide availability of very powerful antibiotics, doctors in many clinical settings have not developed an ability to diagnose specific bacterial infections because it's too easy to just prescribe a broad-spectrum antibiotic and expect the patient to get better.
Now, in addition to the bacteria-denying medical professionals, the Prostatitis patient has the frightening specter of the real possibility that antibiotics as we know them (oral courses primarily) will be useless for their condition.

Now, more than ever, proper rigorous diagnosis and direct injections of drugs at the strength is vitally important.

The following infection definitions should be read and an understanding gained of what a Prostatitis patient is up against..

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