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There are not many prostatitis cases we've seen that can tell us that they eat healthy sensible food. We certainly know that psychological pressures of years of illness, pain and drugs, make it hard for a patients to stick to a sensible diet.
What we write below assumes you need to be super cautious about what you eat because of Prostatitis, that you may be over-weight, that you may be unfit, and that you may be run-down. So, greater changes may need to be made as against an otherwise healthy person without medical problems who wants to eat a bit healthier.

We've all heard the annoying "you are what you eat" saying, normally enunciated by smug trim types. However, of course, it's very true. Body types, hereditary and other similar factors usually do not come into contention. No matter what the background the vast majority of people either over-weight or run-down can see a huge improvement in their well-being by getting smart about what they put in their mouths.

Prostatitis & PID Sufferers can Improve their Symptoms by Eating Sensible Food

We have a free downloadable ebook about improving your prostatitis symptoms immediately by changes to some of your lifestyle habits. This also does touch on food. Download this, read it and form a plan, then come back here for a closer inspection of the wider food choices which will help you.

A very important point in creating a plan for a sensible prostatitis-friendly diet is to make the food choices part of a multi-pronged approach. Changing what you eat, without a positive mental attitude, without a resistance exercise plan, without all the other things in our ebook above will greatly increase the chances of failure of the food plan itself.

1/ As set out in our ebook, spicy food is one of the worst things you can do to yourself; spicy food is bound to affect a person with urinary symptoms, let alone prostate symptoms. All food tastes become a habit, and with persistence and benign alternatives, cravings for your favourite food can be changed if you are serious about improving your life.

Number 1 Rule For Prostatitis-Friendly Food is NO SPICY FOOD


2/ Let's divide food according to cooking methods. Frying/Deep frying food is bad, especially at high temperatures. We've seen all the news for years now about the bad effects of eating fried food; yet Fast Food goes from strength to strength..
Time to cut out ALL frying, in favor of grilling/bbq'ing, or dry pan frying at no more than medium heat, or oven cooking.

Number 2 Rule For Prostatitis-Friendly Food is NO FRYING OF FOOD


3/ Ditch carbohydrates.. potatoes and bread, cut down on pasta and rice.

Number 3 Rule For Prostatitis-Friendly Food is RESTRICTED CARBOHYDRATES


4/ Changing from the food we love which is contributing to our problems is made much much easier if we can enjoy the substitutions and feel full. This is very important..
A dramatic food change from highly salted, flavored fried food to "rabbit" food is likely to lead to failure.
Taking a large amount of varied vegetables including lots of green, leafy vegetables, steaming them, adding a little butter or grated cheese etc., on top, can mean tasty food that you can eat until the cows come home. You can eat a ton of this.
I can see the reader wincing already, but the key is some addition of a tasty item (my favorite is grated parmesan cheese).


Achieve Your New Prostatitis-Friendly Diet with LOTS of the RIGHT Tasty Food

For a person used to a meat-inclusive diet, any changes must include meat for the vast majority. Armed with tons of tasty steamed vegetables and quality meat should spell success for the new Prostatitis-Friendly food plan.
The key with meat is smaller quantity, higher quality. I grill chicken breasts filled with some ham and a bit of cheese. I find this far far more satisfying than the former double, treble, huge hamburger patties in hamburgers.
Other premium meat ideas are making your own sausages, meat patties from quality meat you've chosen. This way I can increase flavors by adding chopped onion, garlic, etc., for a great meal. Eggs and all the ways of adding to them and cooking them are great too.

This article isn't going to be a store of good recipes, rather converting yourself off unhealthy fried, heavy food, with your overall health in respect of Prostatitis in mind.

Where-ever possible I recommend you avoid factory food; that is animals raised in crowded unhealthy conditions and fed on corn and similar., buy eggs produced by chickens living and foraging outdoors, vegetables grown in the absence of chemicals, chicken meat without antibiotic residue. (Note: As soon as you jam animals, fish etc too close together you're up against elevated disease problems, and the inevitable antibiotics)


If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the article above, please make contact using the link on the right-hand menu. If you have a favorite food or recipe which has especially helped your Prostatitis condition as well as your overall health, let us know!

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