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Back pain for a Prostatitis sufferer can often be attributed to the same cause in the case of bacterial prostatitis. A major drawback to obtaining treatment is the fact that many prostatitis patients fail to have any infection identified.

Back pain is a frequent Symptom of Prostatitis

Cases of Prostatitis are notorious for treatment consisting of multi-courses of antibiotics, even though no pathogenic agent has been isolated.. and each time the antibiotic course often provides relief from symptoms for weeks to months after. During the period of relief, the back pain often disappears also. This suggests the prostatitis problem is bacterial.

Frustrating detours:

Many patients may go through a period of their Doctor trying other solutions for the back pain, such as physiotherapy and exercise routines, looking for a physiological cause. For Prostatitis-based infection where infection has also spread around the pelvis/hips area, of course nothing can help until more sophisticated measures are used to identify and treat the infection.

The A-Bacterial Myth:

While Prostatitis continues to be a very much under-diagnosed condition, we will continue to see figures cited where a-bacterial prostatitis is supposed to be 90+% of all Prostatitis cases. A medical verdict/diagnosis of a-bacterial Prostatitis means simply that bacteria has not been isolated, and therefore no such verdict can be definitive.

Seek a Solution Now:

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