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As symptoms progress and worsen, most Prostatitis ramp up their efforts to find a cure for their condition. This can involve hundreds of hours of research in even a short time. Then as options discovered are pursued, time passes.. weeks blend into months, then years. Urologists are replaced, herbal remedies are pursued, treatment Clinics are contacted, decisions for treatment are often not clear, and all the while painful symptoms persist.

An immediate lessening of your Prostatitis Symptoms

prostatitis-and-exercideIn our free download of how to improve your symptoms in no time at all, one of the most rewarding and immediate things you can do is exercise.

In our experience, few prostatitis sufferers properly take up exercise, due in part to the reasons above.

Exercise doesn't just help improve the symptoms of a prostatitis sufferer, they also, sometimes more importantly, markedly affect the feel-good factor, that is, give a big boost to your psychological state. 

During and after exercise, your body produces chemicals called endorphins. Endorphins affect receptors in your brain that reduce your perception of pain.

Endorphins also set off a positive feeling in the body, like morphine. After a run or workout, a person often describes the effect as "euphoric." And that effect is generally accompanied by a positive feeling about life.

Endorphins also reduce the perception of pain. They also act as sedatives without the possibility of addiction or dependence.

Regular exercise has been proven to:

Lessen anxiety and feelings of depression
Boost the way you feel about yourself
Reduce stress
Improve sleep
..and a whole lot more

Getting started with Exercise

Something that makes people starting out on an exercise program fail very quickly are just one or two basic mistakes; commonly, they try to do too much at the start, AND, make the routines too complicated.

You do not need a costly program to follow, you do not need a gym membership! All you need as a walk, preferably with an uphill component with the added advantages of being visually appealing (countryside) and free of (vehicle) pollution. The uphill component is important. Get a bit of a sweat up, and do it daily. We have had many patients who relate that they were surprised beyond belief how much their symptoms improved after as short as a week of their new exercise plan.

A very important additional requirement is to join a group or at least signup a friend to go with you. Social activity like talking and story-telling during this exercise period will make the time go very quickly, and if you've chosen your companions well, you'll be amazed at the enjoyment you'll additionally experience.

Don't make it a chore, keep it simple, get others involved and get a resistance component (uphill) into the activity, AND do it every day!

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