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The symptoms of Prostatitis depend on the type of prostatitis infection the patient has..

Sometimes, but not often, men do not experience any symptoms. Often symptoms are similar to a urinary tract infection. It is important to be examined by a Doctor to determine if the patient has prostatitis and which type, and to rule out other causes.

Acute Bacterial Prostatitis Symptoms

In the case of acute bacterial prostatitis, the symptoms are serious and sudden and may need emergency medical care. Common symptoms include severe burning during urination, chills, fever and an inability to empty the bladder.

Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis Symptoms

With chronic bacterial prostatitis, symptoms are similar to acute bacterial prostatitis, but often with no fever. Other common symptoms are urinary frequency, burning during urination, testicle pain, perineal area pain, low back pain, painful ejaculation and back pain. This condition is very prone to "flare ups", episodes of infection, (usually antibiotics) treatment and recurrence.

Common Chronic Prostatitis Symptoms

Many chronic prostatitis sufferers will be able to identify with the following range of chronic prostatitis symptoms:

  • needing to urinate frequently or urgently
  • pain or stinging during or after urinating
  • feeling like you are sitting on a golf ball (extremely common, as related to us by many patients)
  • no desire for sex
  • pain/aching in your testicles, or between your testicles and back passage
  • discomfort, pain/aching in the lower abdomen, your groin or your back
  • problems getting/keeping an erection, burning and pain with ejaculation


The Nonbacterial Chronic Prostatitis Myth

There has traditionally been a tendency to automatically diagnose Prostatitis in men as abacterial, that is having no bacterial cause. This diagnosis hinges solely on an inability of the consulted medical professional being able to isolate a pathogen. However it is also well-known that in the chronic stage of Prostatitis, pathogens can become so well-established (deeply-established), that it is very common for samples to produce no pathogenic evidence. Therefore a diagnosis of nonbacterial Prostatitis in men cannot be relied on as being authoritative.

The published figures of diagnoses of nonbacterial prostatitis in men being responsible for 90%+ of all cases are increasingly being called into question as being unreliable, further there is an increasing school of thought and evidence that the exact reverse is more likely; that the vast majority of chronic prostatitis cases and their symptoms are pathogenic in cause.

Beware the Oral Antibiotic Quick Non-fix

So, if you are diagnosed with chronic prostatitis it is very likely to be of a pathogenic cause. Simple MSU (mid-stream-urine) failed culture attempts and numerous "guess" courses of antibiotics will have no long-term benefits in relieving Prostatitis symptoms. Indeed symptoms can often be expected to increase in severity due to the natural course of pathogenic colonization and the negative effects on the immune system of antibiotic abuse. (NB, antibiotic abuse, in spite of a plethora of evidence, is still not well-recognized in some medical treatment systems - by country. It does not refer to any wrong-doing by a patient).

Chronic prostatitis symptoms are extremely unlikely to be resolved by oral antibiotics or any other form of treatment. Those symptoms can only be relieved by a variety of means:

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