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Unfortunately, treatment for chronic prostatitis very often involves little more than frequent courses of antibiotics. To our knowledge of anecdotal reports by many of our patients, few of their Doctors ever considered any other forms of treatment than antibiotics, even as reports and warnings of antibiotic abuse by the practising medical industry began to be issued by research organizations. Do multinational drug companies produce vitamin products as part of their stable of drugs costing thousands of dollars per patient per month of treatment? No, they can't.. they're unable to patent and monopolise vitamins, so you won't hear much about them from the medical industry.

Can a chronic prostatitis patient help their condition by taking Vitamins?

There is in keeping with the pitiful lack of progress in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and pid in the Western world, a similar rather pitiful lack of research papers and recommendations by Medical Associations regarding any benefits attributable to vitamins.

Vitamin C and Chronic Prostatitis:

Zinc has been shown to be effective against E. coli, and large doses of vitamin C are often as effective as antibiotics in the treatment of chronic prostatitis. We know there are physicians who have used very large doses of vitamin C to cure infections for decades. Vitamin C is criticised as being nonspecific, but so are the masses of oral antibiotics that patients' bodies are flooded with, without a second thought by so many Doctors.
Vitamin C has the advantage for chronic prostatitis of being a lot safer than drugs and a lot cheaper.
Too much vitamin C is indicated by diarrhea, so when that point is reached, try backing off the dose to being just under the amount that would produce loose bowels.
The dose is likely to be in the proportion of several grams a day, not milligrams.

The fact is that taking vitamin C is largely a matter of trial and error, try one gram twice daily and observe the effects. You should find symptoms related to infection lessen, and if that is the case, after a stable point is reached, you could try reducing the dose a little and keep it at the point that maintains those lessened symptoms.


As to what type and brand of vitamin C to buy, being in the "natural health" arena, there are 10's of claims and counter-claims, I just make sure I don't buy a cheap product. I certainly bypass buying plastic bottles of 500 to 600 x 500mg tablets at just a few dollars. Use common sense in your buying, remember that tablets/pills of 50 to 100mg are useless. Give it a go and see what happens.

Zinc and Chronic Prostatitis

Zinc might help reduce prostate swelling, and when combined with antibiotics, might work better than antibiotics alone in treating prostatitis. Prostatitis patients are known to often have lower levels of zinc, as well as the fact men lose zinc in semen emissions, so a daily supplement of 50 to 100mg might be of benefit. Like the recommendation for vitamin C, the best thing to do is try it and see if you notice a difference, however unlike vitamin C, do not take large amounts of zinc, and be careful about taking it for a long period.


Other Vitamins which may be beneficial for Chronic Prostatitis

Peruse the internet and you'll find all sorts of claims for many other vitamins, even conflicting claims by apparently authoritative studies. Why is this? Individual studies may be flawed, and media services love to pick up on new news, even if the news is only reporting a minor event. Studies may also be biased as a result of big pharma funding. Unfortunately, we all have to read between the lines and come to our own best conclusion

Some of these vitamins may be even more useful when combined with particular herbal products. This again is an area where opinion is greater than research; drug companies can't swell their coffers with their normal outrageous drug prices when it comes to herbs and vitamins. It certainly isn't a quick fix, but I personally know of plenty of chronic prostatitis patients who have markedly helped their debilitating symptoms.

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