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salpingitisWith our 3D Pelvic Inflammatory Disease Treatment we can successfully treat acute and chronic conditions including cases where drug resistance has occurred, and no matter how long the patient's history. The treatment is highly efficient, safe with no significant pain and no side effects.

Our Unique Points of Difference in Treating PID:

We commence with highly sensitive tests (microscopy, cultures, fluoroimmuneassay, and ELISA tests among others) collecting samples from different infected areas to isolate the causative pathogens. We also find infected and blocked locations by gynecological examination and ultrasound. We then treat our PID patients primarily with trans-pelvic injections and vaginal irrigation.

The specialized trans-pelvic injections and vaginal irrigation result in penetration of the necessary areas with a high concentration of pathogen-killing drugs which also unblocks the ovarian ducts and uterine cavity and results in a discharge of the infected inflammatory material.

This means a great improvement of the circulation, repairing of the mucous and a return to normal physiological secretions. The patient's immune system and other natural defense mechanisms also recover.

The length of time needed for this unique treatment depends on the extent of damage:

  • Patients with acute or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease without blocked ducts can usually achieve a cure within 20 days.
  • Patients with blocked ovarian ducts may take as long as 30 days.
  • Patients who have suffered from chronic pelvic inflammatory disease for a very long time may take longer.

Get in Touch with Us and Take a First Step Towards Treating Your PID Now:

From our long history of treating patients suffering from PID and Infertility, we can assure you with authority that only our unique treatment of delivering medication to the root of the problem areas will give you a successful outcome. In these cases Western medicine and oral antibiotics are an abject failure. Use the links in the box below, read about the uniqueness of our treatment and ensure you get a free diagnosis from us.


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